There is a point in the development of most planets where most of their surface, and a lot of the space beneath, is urbanized. Some material — usually a metal — is more common than grass, and the trouble with a working photosynthesis and cellular respiration relationship is cleverly worked around to cram in more […]

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Glue of The Universe

Portals exist all across fiction. From sci-fi to fantasy, from books to television series to games. They’re pretty much everywhere. But they’re not all that unique. Once you’ve seen one portal, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Needless to say, this is disturbing to me. So let’s try and fix that, by coming up with […]

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The Interface

I was watching I Am, a really interesting documentary (with lots of contemporary fantasy potential – I’m thinking bio-sync/brainwave tuning magic). But there was a particular section of the documentary that interested me a lot: the impact of mass human emotions on random number generators. There are entire machine-systems devoted to producing random numbers and, […]

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Necromancy and Space Travel

Keeping with the intergalactic wordpress theme here… Looking at the pathfinder sorcerer bloodlines – in particular, the voidtouched wild lineage starsoul mutation thing – it strikes me how well the concepts of necromancy and space travel fit together. I’ve toyed around with it a little in writing, having stuff like an academy of necromancy on […]

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Magick, pronounced “Maj-eek” (that is, a soft “j” like g, like in general, and a long ea-sounding e, producing a sound like that found in the word eagle) is the amount of energy currently held within a wands’ reservoir. Magick ordinarily begins as spiritual energy, mana, from a person’s “magic”, or springing from the raw […]

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Print (“Hello world!”)

I’ve never been great at writing much. Much that has a plot, anyways. So I am devoting this blog mostly to random bits of lore, creatures, objects, etc. Maybe some actual story writing, but most will just be random shortstories or short one-post things. If you somehow stumbled upon this… You’re weird. But that’s ok, […]

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