Necromancy and Space Travel

Keeping with the intergalactic wordpress theme here… Looking at the pathfinder sorcerer bloodlines – in particular, the voidtouched wild lineage starsoul mutation thing – it strikes me how well the concepts of necromancy and space travel fit together. I’ve toyed around with it a little in writing, having stuff like an academy of necromancy on […]

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Magick, pronounced “Maj-eek” (that is, a soft “j” like g, like in general, and a long ea-sounding e, producing a sound like that found in the word eagle) is the amount of energy currently held within a wands’ reservoir. Magick ordinarily begins as spiritual energy, mana, from a person’s “magic”, or springing from the raw […]

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Print (“Hello world!”)

I’ve never been great at writing much. Much that has a plot, anyways. So I am devoting this blog mostly to random bits of lore, creatures, objects, etc. Maybe some actual story writing, but most will just be random shortstories or short one-post things. If you somehow stumbled upon this… You’re weird. But that’s ok, […]

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